It all started with the fish when the innovative shapers and board builders out there decided to revisit the past for some inspiration. In doing so they brought back some lost skills such as resin tints and hand foiled fins.The Fish Fry has been a place for these fine craftsmen to showcase their skills. We have seen some amazing boards as shapers have pushed the boundaries over the last few years. As this new look at the fish has evolved to its many forms, it has influenced other shapes and designs along the way.This has spawned a renewed interest in other board forms by this same group and a wider following.Notably the Mini Simmons, Hulls, old school Logs and Pigs. It is pleasing to note that there are an increasing number of people building their own boards as well.All of this is to be applauded and celebrated as a positive for surfing.So it is only natural that these shapers and board builders continue to share their skills with us and include these other shapes at the Fish Fry.It has truly become a melting pot of ideas for like minded people.

Wooden Surfboard night at the Gold Coast Surf Museum the night before the Wooden Board Day

Surf World Gold Coast

Wooden Surfboard Night

Saturday 7th August 6.30pm for a 7pm start

$15 per head includes a sausage sizzle and drink

A great opportunity to mix and meet with other people interested in wooden boards and hear from some very talented individuals who build them.

Wooden boards come in many shapes and styles of construction. Tom Wegener, Roger Hall and Mike Connor will give a brief overview of their various methods of board construction and experiences. This will be followed by an open question and answer forum with the guys. A sample of what will be on display at the Wooden Board Day in the park at Currumbin Alley the next day,

Tom Wegener

An expatriate Californian lawyer turned surfboard shaper transplanted into the hills behind Noosa at Cooroy. He has spent the last 10 plus years building wooden boards and researching and finessing his love affair with the ancient Hawaiian Alaia

finless boards.” I hope the eyes of other shapers will be opened to the possibilities of applying the oldest methods in the world to today's cutting edge technologies.

"Historically in surfing, people have looked for lighter, faster technologies, thinking the holy grail is somewhere in carbon fibre and lighter, stronger materials.

"But my approach is to look as far back as we possibly can at the few surviving boards from the ancient Hawaiians and study what Captain Cook and his crew watched when they saw surfing for the first time, and draw inspiration from that."

Last year Surfing Magazine voted Tom “Shaper of the Year”. A great honour and recognition of his exploration into the heritage and roots of surfing that has inspired a new wave of innovation into this sport. " Wood is Good".

Roger Hall

A Kiwi with over 30 years of shaping boards in every shape and style, who has a well know reputation for innovation and quality. Roger has incorporated wood in to the handmade boards he builds for many years. Whether it is multiple stringers, nose and tail blocks, or beautiful inlays, Roger is a master of it all. He has always had a healthy supply of various timbers on hand and loves to combine them wherever possible.

A recent quote from Slide magazine sums up Roger very well. "Roger's enthusiasm and passion for finely crafting something more akin to a work of art is strongly evident. It would be a safe bet to say the prospect of bettering his craft is admirably motivating him much more so than the almighty dollar."

Mike Connor

A passionate woodworker who hails from Corndale, located west of Byron Bay. Mike’s interest in working with wood began some 25 years ago when he began experimenting and building various items as a hobby. He is largely self-taught although the opportunity to attend classes with local world-renowned cabinetmaker, Geoff Hannah, added inspiration and refinement to his creations. His love of wood has resulted in him exploring and collecting local and exotic timbers to the point of filling a large shed.

For the past 10 years Mike has pursued a full time career as a craftsman making various customised pieces ranging from furniture to woodwork benches, wooden tools and workshop jigs to make outcomes more accurate. Some teaching has followed and his desire is to share knowledge rather than keep it secret.

Today he specialises in crafting ukuleles and guitars as well as surfboards. This interest in surfboards has seen Mike link up with Bob McTavish to help recreate some of Bob’s well-known designs in wood.

To book a spot or buy a ticket please contact the Surf Museum :

Tomewin Street , Currumbin , opposite the entry to the wild life santuary

PH: 07- 5525 6380

Surf World Gold Coast is a not-for-profit museum dedicated to celebrating the history and culture of surfing.

Sage Joske at the 2010 Fish Fry

Footage by Geoff Charters

Bob McTavish and his finless twin hot curl.

More great footage from the 2010 Fish Fry by Geoff Charters

Tom Wegener and the finless board evolution at Noosa.

While the Fish Fry is all about fish boards , it is hard to not notice that it has inspired many alternative boards.Some with fins and some without. Even some with tiny fins.This innovation and creativity is what moves things along and is how the fish itself came about in the first place. So it is a little hard to turn a blind eye to.Be inspired , be creative and don't be seen as a sheep.

Richard Harvey interview at the 2010 Alley Fish Fry

Some great footage by Geoff Charters

The Miranon Twin Pin.

Great to see people doing something different and keeping it in the family.
Thanks to Surfy Surfy for the pics.

" Mirandon Surfboards is a family built line of surfboards. We create artistic, unique designs with a focus on functionality. Our surfing roots began back in the 50's in La Jolla, California. Nick and his brother Bear Mirandon began surfing and eventually learned the craft of building their own boards in the 60's. They created the brand Surfboards La Jolla and designed progressive split tail boards with two fins in 1966. Through all the years as Nick and Bear continued to shape and create art they also quietly passed the trade down through the family and to anyone who asked. Nick's sons, Eli and Croyde are designing, shaping, and coloring boards to suit their own mix of classic and modern surfing."

International Surfing Day on the Gold Coast



On June 20th, surfers on the Gold Coast and worldwide will welcome the short, cool days of winter and accompanying swells by being active in beach-related environmental causes and a Film and Music Night in honor of the Sixth Annual International Surfing Day (ISD).

Founded six years ago by the Surfrider Foundation and Surfing Magazine, International Surfing Day unites surfers from around the world in celebration of the sport of surfing. As is tradition with the annual holiday, surfers do their part to give back to our oceans, waves and beaches through various organised events such as clean-ups and restoration projects hosted by the Surfrider Foundation.

Surfrider Foundation Gold Coast Tweed Presents Two Events:

What: Dune Care & BYO BBQ

Time for surfers and community members to help preserve and develop North Kirra dunes. A perfect activity to help with the sand management issues on the Gold Coast.

When: Sunday June 20th. 12:30pm.

Where: Dunes south of North Kirra SLSC

What: Film and Music Night

We are screening Sipping Jetstreams a film by surf film legend Taylor Steele. We will also be showing Cyrus Sutton’s film, Tom’s Creation Plantation. A film about Tom Wegener and the alaia surfboard movement.

The night will also begin with live music from Gold Coast local Dan Hannaford.

When: Sunday June 20th. 6pm

Where: Pointbreak Bar & Grill: 43 Goodwin Tce, Burleigh Heads.

“International Surfing Day should be a local holiday here on the Gold Coast. As a Mecca for surfing in the world, we as a city should be at the forefront of giving back to our beaches. Come join us in our celebration,” says Surfrider Foundation Gold Coast Tweed President Adam Feichtmann.

“We started it as a way to get back to the basics, enjoy a day at the beach and help preserve our oceans,” says ISD Co-Founder Evan Slater.

Since its beginnings in 2005 with only 14 domestic and 4 international locations, ISD has grown in leaps and bounds, recording over 105 worldwide events in 2009, and engaging countries such as Sweden, Mauritius, Korea, West Africa and Taiwan. In addition to becoming truly “international” in scope, the Surfrider Foundation uses ISD to host a special membership drive, and since 2007 has signed up nearly 3,000 new members.

“The success and growth since our inaugural International Surfing Day is phenomenal,” says Laura Mazzarella, Surfrider Foundation’s Marketing Manager. “Each year we incorporate new locations and activations into the mix, allowing us to inspire more people to care for their beaches and coastlines, and show them how they can make a difference.”

“While most of us spend every day of the year celebrating ISD, it’s always nice to dedicate an entire day to appreciating the wonderful lifestyle we all live as surfers,” adds Travis Ferré, Editor, Surfing Magazine. “It’s a great opportunity to preserve and enjoy the ocean at once. And as we move into our sixth year, my main goal is to inspire more youth participation. They’re the future and will bring a whole new enthusiasm to the day we celebrate being surfers.”

The Sixth Annual International Surfing Day is made possible by Vitamin Water, Earthpack, Surfing Magazine, and the Surfrider Foundation.


Adam Feichtmann

President Surfrider Foundation Gold Coast Tweed


Velo Fish

The "Velo Fish" was inspired by looking over a George Greenough spoon at the fish fry this year.

Concave deck - 2" thick at the stringer and 3" at the rails.

Takayama "Halo" fins 5" tall.Be interesting to see how they go. Their smaller quad fin set on my 10 footer are great.

The Velo bottom or edge board , full concave front to back of the the board.Too small for me so will have to see how some mates like it. Just had the idea come to me and needed to see how it went. No point wondering about these things. Build it and see how she goes. 5ft 10" x 22"

Young Cain stoked with his first shaping effort.

Cain Pridmore from Yamba in New South Wales has just finished his first board he shaped from scratch.

He also did the pool table artwork on the bottom.

His Dad Mark owns More Surfboards which you can check out at :

Richard Harvey has been very fishy of late

Richard is always experimenting and here is a fish with Balsa rails.

Plenty of fishes and Mini Simmons as well.

Multi fins

Lots of tints and colour to.

Bobby Crisp from New Zealand with nice looking woodie

Bobby Crisp has found that Wellington wasn't windy and cold enough so has moved south to the south eastern corner of the South Island to set up shop. Mate I lived in Dunedin in the late 70's and she can have some harsh winters , so I hope you survive down there in the Catlins. This is where New Zealands big wave surfers seek out large cold swells straight from the Artic South Pole so if the wind chill doesn't get you the waves will. Nice.Anyway Bobby will be here on the Gold Coast for the Wooden Board Day at the Alley on Sunday 8th of August to warm up and enjoy a few waves once again.