It all started with the fish when the innovative shapers and board builders out there decided to revisit the past for some inspiration. In doing so they brought back some lost skills such as resin tints and hand foiled fins.The Fish Fry has been a place for these fine craftsmen to showcase their skills. We have seen some amazing boards as shapers have pushed the boundaries over the last few years. As this new look at the fish has evolved to its many forms, it has influenced other shapes and designs along the way.This has spawned a renewed interest in other board forms by this same group and a wider following.Notably the Mini Simmons, Hulls, old school Logs and Pigs. It is pleasing to note that there are an increasing number of people building their own boards as well.All of this is to be applauded and celebrated as a positive for surfing.So it is only natural that these shapers and board builders continue to share their skills with us and include these other shapes at the Fish Fry.It has truly become a melting pot of ideas for like minded people.

6ft 3" Hydro Simmons for Bevan

 The stringerless EPS blank being cut on the AKU machiine
 First cut down the bottom looks severe but that's just the deep full length concave
 All cut and ready to come off the machine. The laser can clearly been seen that helps line things up.
 The bottom of the cut corrugations is the actual board design
 So lots of delicate fine tuning to get the design tidied up.
 All smoothed out and flowing as planned

 Double diamond tail a little easier to do than one with a stringer as well.
The lower lights show up the contours that makes this all work.
6ft 3" x 22 1/2" x 2 3/4" for 50 litres. So the nose is like a hull entry with a soft concave through the middle , spreading out to a full width concave in the middle of the board. This then splits to a soft entry out through the tail and a chine bleeding off each side through the fins. This effectively narrows the tail and with the double diamond that also helps narrow the width. A quad setup on this one with FCS 2's
 Here you can see the chines
Plenty of squirt out through there.

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